Student donation brings smiles to Schulich Dentistry clinic

A large, toothy smile, composed of bold and colorful brushstrokes stretches across the canvas of Caroline Alpert’s painting. The piece, aptly titled “Spreading Joy” was created as a donation to the Schulich Dentistry adult dental clinic.

Spreading Joy paintingAlpert, Dentistry Class of 2021, said she was inspired to express the joy and gratitude she felt working in the School’s clinic, helping others and learning from peers and clinicians.

“The anatomy and occlusion are imperfect, and so are the many strokes of colors. They represent some of the challenges we encounter ever day; despite these challenges, we work hard to persevere and better ourselves,” she explained.

She says she hopes the painting will remind those who see to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a smile, even while hidden behind a mask.