Spring retreat

In early May, Schulich Dentistry held a retreat to discuss the Dentistry Strategic Plan.

The retreat, hosted and led by Dr. Michael J. Strong, included a group of faculty and staff. Dr. Strong led the retreat with a financial overview focused on the School and University. Dr. Santos, as well as Janet Biondi, made presentations on the new clinical education and budget models involving practice leaders who would be responsible for delivering improved instruction to dentistry students, and lead to improved faculty calibration. The development of a private practice clinic aimed at improving faculty recruitment and retention was also highlighted.

After participants had the opportunity to work in small groups and make comments and recommendations, agreement was reached on an action plan.

During the coming months, plans will be put in place to develop and introduce a PLA Preparatory Course, which is expected to be launched in January 2019. This course will be a main component used for the recruitment of students for the Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD) Program. Number of recruitments are in process, including a limited term Assistant Professor for the Endodontic Division, and two Assistant Professors for the Paediatric Dentistry Division. Three priority positions were identified for the Periodontic, Operative Dentistry and Dental Emergency Divisions, with formal approval given to move forward with these positions.