New CDE Course to prepare future ITD applicants

Beginning in January 2019, Continuing Dental Education (CDE) at Schulich Dentistry will be offering a Canadian Dental Clinical Skills - Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Preparatory Course for those individuals interested in applying to the Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD) Program. Successful completion of the 12-week course will be a prerequisite starting in 2020 for all Schulich Dentistry ITD Program applicants.

ITD Program applicants in 2019 will have the option of registering for this course to gain advantage in the PLA selection process over applicants not taking the course that year. However, it will become a mandatory admission requirement for all applicants starting in 2020.

The ITD Program has been an important component of Schulich Dentistry for more than 20 years, providing dental education and training to foreign-trained dentists residing and wishing to work as a dentist in Canada. This Program has successfully graduated over 290 internationally-trained dentists to date.

The introduction of this new course is being established as part of Schulich Dentistry’s Renewal, to strengthen students’ quality of education and in turn enrich the quality of care for people in the community.