Andrew Leask, PhD awarded major Arthritis Society grant

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Leask, Schulich Dentistry Professor and a member of the interdisciplinary Bone and Joint Institute, who was awarded a major Arthritis Society grant. This grant is among seven announced nationally, as part of the Arthritis Society’s commitment to fund $2.1-million annually to researchers conducting cutting-edge projects during the next three years.

The Leask research team will examine whether a specific protein inhibitor might be used to halt or treat scleroderma fibrosis. Scleroderma is an auto-immune disease that results in the build-up of tough, fibrous scar tissue in the skin and other organs.  They are working to discover whether YAP1 (yes-associated protein) is responsible for generating the scar tissue, and whether YAP1 inhibitors could be used to treat scleroderma.

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