11 Summer research studentships awarded

The Schulich Dentistry Research Opportunity Program (SDROP) provides an opportunity for students enrolled in the DDS program to contribute to clinical and basic science research being performed in Schulich Dentistry. Each year, there are a limited number of Studentships awarded by competition. 11 Research Projects were funded for the summer of 2018.

The goals of this program are … 1) to promote student participation in oral health research, 2) to provide students with opportunities to meet their peers and present their research at national and internal meetings, 3) to contribute to publications in peer-reviewed journals, and 4) to encourage students to consider careers in oral health research.  There are many bright and experienced students in Dentistry that would be an asset to research at Schulich.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded a Summer Research Studentship:

Student Supervisor Title
Maher Alazzam
DDS 2021
Amin Rizkalla Novel bioactive covalently bonded hybrid coatings on titanium surfaces
Amr Alsabbagh
DDS 2020
Mark Darling Culture of tongue carcinoma primary cell line CRL-1628 SCC-25 with mutations CDKN2A and TP53
Yoon Chi
DDS 2020
Frank Beier Characterization of TMJ osteoarthritis in aging mice
Kristen Desranleau
DDS 2020
Amin Rizkalla 3-D Printed Bioactive Glass-Copolymer Scaffolds for Bone Augmentation
Lucy Leon
DDS 2020
Jacinta Santos Three-year retrospective clinical study of glass ionomer restorations placed at Schulich Dental Clinic
Tianhui Li
DDS 2021
Doug Hamilton Influence of nanometric topography on human gingival cell physiology
Vishal Patel
DDS 2019
Les Kalman In vitro testing and validation of a 3D printed titanium tempcap for dental abutment systems
Peter Sabiri
DDS 2021
Doug Hamilton Epsilon Sarcoglycan as a novel mediator of cell adhesion to titanium 
Erik Hwa Tamberg
DDS 2021
Khadry Galil Investigation TMJ and tinnitus  trough disco malleolar ligament 
Ran Wei
DDS 2021
Shawn Li Profile the methylome and kinome of head and neck cancer stem cells
Rachel Ziliotto
DDS 2020
Frank Beier TMJ osteoarthritis in Mig6 KO mice