LRCP Catalyst Research Grant Competition (Fall 2023)

Samuel Asfaha MD PhD, $25,000 for "Role of ALOX5+ immune cells in colitis associated cancer".

Richard Kim MD, $25,000 for "Organic Anion Transporter SLC22A7 in a Major Determinant of 5-Flourouracil Disposition".

Paula Foster PhD, $24,900 for "Development of MPI Lymphography".

Matthew Hebb MD PhD, $25,000 for "Preclinical in vivo evaluation of a novel low energy electrotherapy for glioblastoma".

Mansour Haeryfar PhD, $25,000 for "MR1-restricted T cells in ovarian cancer".

Lina Dagnino PhD, $25,000 for "Mechanical signalling in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma".

John Di Guglielmo PhD, $25,000 for "Assessing TGFβ pathway specificity in PDAC organoid EMT".

Fred Dick PhD, $25,000 for "Targeting epithelial to mesenchymal transition in ovarian cancer".

Eugene Wong PhD, $25,000 for "The role of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts in Pancreatic Cancer Radiation Resistance".

Donna Murrell PhD, $19,655 for "Design, development, and evaluation of a training simulator for gynecological brachytherapy".

Saman Maleki PhD, $25,000 for "The effect of mismatch repair deficiency in tumours on dendritic cell activation and function".