The Centre for Translational Cancer Research is pleased to offer competitive trainee travel awards.


Carolina Batista for her research titled, "Spi-B and PU.1 as tumour suppressors in a mouse model of acute lymphoblastic leukemia" (CTCR Supervisor: Dr. Rodney DeKoter). VIDEO HERE.

Taylor Freeman for her research titled, "Inhibition of PANX1 reduces the malignant properties of human melanoma" (CTCR Supervisor: Dr. Silvia Penuela). VIDEO HERE.

Claire Young for her research titled, "The loss of ATRX promotes susceptibility to KRAS-mediated pancreatic disease" (CTCR Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Pin). VIDEO HERE.

Elena Fazio for her research titled, "The role of Keratin-19 Positive Stem Cells in Colonic Epithelium Regeneration post Colitis" (CTCR Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Asfaha). VIDEO HERE.

Jelena Toma for her research titled, "Contribution of Activating Transcription Factor 3 to development of acinar-to-ductal cell metaplasia" (CTCR Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Pin). Video available upon request.

Well done & congratulations to all recipients!

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