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Our research focuses on chronic diabetic complications. Hyperglycemia is the key initiating factor in the pathogenesis of chronic diabetic complications. Several secondary and tertiary biochemical mechanisms may be triggered as a result of sustained hyperglycemia. These mechanisms may in turn modulate several proteins, which may be of importance in chronic diabetic complications. We are investigating pathogenetic mechanisms of several of these chronic diabetic complications. Diabetic retinopathy and cardiomyopathy are two major areas of research in our laboratory.

Current projects involve the use of transgenic animal models to study microRNA and long non-coding RNA alterations, as well as their relationship with changes in vasoactive factors and extracellular matrix protein production. We further correlate these changes with functional and structural alteration in the organs affected by chronic diabetic complications such as retina, kidney and heart in an attempt to develop potential therapies. In addition to diabetes, future studies aim to investigate the role of microRNAs in the development and progression of tumours.