Adult Cardiology Residency Training Program

Photograph of Doctor explaining possible heart disease to patient

The Adult Cardiology Residency Training Program at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University was designed to provide innovative training in all aspects of contemporary cardiology.

Our primary mission is to develop the next generation of highly skilled, well-rounded and compassionate leaders in cardiovascular medicine. The Cardiology Training Program at Western has evolved through regular evaluation and improvement in order to keep pace with the rapidly advancing field of cardiovascular care. This ensures that our graduates enter their careers in the dynamic field of cardiology with a complete clinical knowledge base, expert procedural skills and a dedication to lifelong learning. This is achieved through a comprehensive 3 year training program that helps our trainees develop their cognitive and procedural skills in a collegial environment with experienced and dedicated educators and mentors. There is an emphasis on academics with significant exposure and mentoring provided in research, teaching and critical appraisal in order to foster lifelong learning skills. A degree of flexibility has been built into the training program to allow for customization in order to meet each individual cardiology trainee's career goals.

Contact Information:

Co-Program Directors: Drs. Ashlay Huitema & Sarah Blissett
Program Administrator:  Donna Hill (
Telephone: 519.663.3830
Fax: 519.663.3218