The Harvey Club of London Prize (EST. 2008)

2017 Harvey Club Prize winner

2017 Harvey Club Prize winner North de Pencier.

This prize is awarded annually for the best medical student paper in the history of medicine.  This prize winner receives a monetary award and their name is engraved on a silver plate, which is on display in the History of Medicine office.

Founded in 1919 by local physicians, the Harvey Club of London, Canada is the oldest active medical club in this country. The original objective of the club was to prepare, present and publish more scientific research papers – which it did – however broader interests in the sciences, professions, humanities and the world at large have also been encouraged. Currently there are about 70 active and emeriti members. Read more about the Harvey Club of London.

2016 Harvey Club Prize Winner

2016 Harvey Club Prize winner Nicole Arseneau with Dr. Vivian McAlister.

2015 Harvey Club Prize winners Daniel Liu and Madeline Arkle with Dr. Jonathan Izawa

2015 Winners Daniel Liu and
Madeline Arkle with Dr. Jonathan Izawa

2014 Harvey Club Prize Winner Kevin Dueck

2014 Winner Kevin Dueck with
Harvey Club members

2013 Harvey Club Prize Recipient Noor Jawaid with Dr Vivian McAlister and Dr Ramsey Gunton

2013 Winner Noor Jawaid with Dr. Vivian
McAlister and Dr. Ramsey Gunton

2012 Harvey Club Prize Recipient Abdul Naeem with Dr Ramsey Gunton, Dr. Roya Etemad-Rezai

2012 Winner Abdul Naeem with
Dr. Ramsey Gunton and Dr. Roya Etemad-Rezai

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2016 Nicole Arseneau
  • 2015 Daniel Liu / Madeline Arkle
  • 2014 Kevin Dueck
  • 2013 Noor Jawaid
  • 2012 Abdul Naeem
  • 2011 Jason Chan
  • 2010 Lucas Vivas
  • 2009 Michael Livings