Happy 2017. This time of year is always a treat because we have all four Windsor Campus classes together in the city.

The fourth years are back from their interviews and anticipating the big match. We wish you all the best and are excited to celebrate your successes with you on match day.  

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students National Wellness Challenge was a big success with many Windsor teams participating. The enthusiasm for the challenge was inspiring to see. Impromptu yoga sessions run by first years, art therapy run by our SST, and many other fun, mindful events gave giving our students worthwhile breaks throughout January.  

As with every year, SchulichPalooza brought all years of the London and Windsor classes together for an evening well spent. The Windsor band, the Med Hot Chilli Peppers, put on a fantastic show.

Windsor’s annual Career Night will be taking place this month on March 21. Career Night is a great place for us to meet clinicians and discuss career interests and options. We are also excited to have the fourth years with us for this event to provide us with some insight into the CaRMS process.  

More artistic talent will be displayed by our students during Tachycardia 2017. The planning, singing, and dancing rehearsals are underway as our students prepare to amaze us with their hidden talents. Getting away from the medical world and relaxing with our friends and colleagues for a musical night is just what we need at this time of year.  

It has been an eventful semester thus far and more excitement awaits us the next few months.

Until next time,

Sudha Ayalasomayajula
VP Windsor – Hippocratic Council