Coddle your learners with time

Dear Colleagues,

Please accept my warmest holiday wishes to you and your families. This upcoming year is an especially important one for the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Windsor Campus.

Due to your tireless efforts, 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of our Campus. This is an incredible achievement that is only possible due to all of you, so to begin, please allow me to thank you.

Reflecting on our successes, and there are so many, I began reviewing the campus evaluations provided by learners (both students and residents). A clear message was delivered; learners at Schulich Medicine – Windsor Campus consistently praise the teaching efforts of faculty at an extremely high level.  

Why is this so? What are we doing so differently?  

One possibility, and the one I most espouse to, is the time you are all directly providing teaching. This genuine and absolutely necessary investment into learners is what defines us as a Campus.

Recently, at the AAMC: Learn, Serve, Lead conference, David Brooks spoke about character development. When asked about a culture or concern of educators being 'too easy' on learners, he replied, “If you want to coddle a learner, coddle them with time.” This advice is what so many of you are already doing. It is what makes the Schulich Medicine – Windsor Campus great and why we will continue to grow.

Looking ahead, I realize that there is more to do. Balancing your busy clinical duties with an educational mandate is challenging. I want to ensure you feel as supported as possible in this. Formal continuing professional development is available to you, including working toward a Certificate in Advanced Methods of Teaching (AMT) for Medicine, Dentistry & Basic Medical Sciences. Please let me know of any other topics you may have interest in.

As always, thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Twitter: @larry_jacobs1