Singing their way into the medical profession

With musical tributes, emotional memories and lots of laughter, the Medicine Class of 2014 entered the medical profession at their Convocation ceremony on May 16.

The event produced many memorable moments for the graduates, and the faculty, staff and family members in attendance.
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Honorary degree recipient Jacob Van Dyk passed along some important advice to the Class of 2014. “Keeping your priorities straight, investing in others and celebrating the moments are a way of maintaining a solid equilibrium in your practice and in your life,” he said, adding “being here today means you have met one of your life goals, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey.” Read more about Van Dyk's honorary degree here.

Dr. Michael J. Strong, dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, welcomed the graduates to the medical profession. “Your teachers are now going to be your patients” he said. “It is they who will mold you and shape you into compassionate physicians.”

In a humorous send-off, Honorary Class Presidents’ Dr. Andrew House and Dr. Faisal Rehman donned wigs and performed a lively rendition of the classic ballad “Don’t Know Much.” The duet presentation kept audience members and the platform party entertained and laughing for several comedic minutes.

Dr. Francis Chan was posthumously awarded the Class of ‘62 Award for the impact he had on the Class of 2014’s personal and professional development at the School.  “He was a man who lived life fully, and he instilled this zeal for life in every single one of us,” said presenter Dale Edwards, Medicine Class of 2014. “He was a true role model for maintaining balance between a demanding career and a personal life, and his concern for the well-being of his students was genuine and truly appreciated.”

Dr. Marjorie Johnson accepted the award on Dr. Chan’s behalf, noting he would have approved of the light-hearted festivities.

Valedictorian Jocelyn Howard added her own musical element to the ceremony, performing on original song with her ukulele. “Schulich, where our teachers help us thrive. Schulich, we had the time of our lives. Wasn’t always easy, but you helped to get us through. Oh what a time here, our time at Western U,” she sang.

After all the graduating students were hooded and the Acting Chancellor officially adjourned Convocation, the new physicians processed from Alumni Hall to the lyrics, “you’re going to miss me when I’m gone.”

A video of the ceremony is available here.