Alumni of distinctionA celebration of distinction

During the past 50 years, the 2016 Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Alumni of Distinction recipients have been optimizing life-long health for people around the world. As their dedication to discovery and innovative care continues, so too will their impact.

Drs. Je nnifer Coulson and Jaclyn ErnstThe power of two

Twins, Drs. Jennifer Coulson and Jaclyn Ernst understand better than most the value of sticking together. The young physicians are sharing their unique story with the hope of inspiring the next generation of Indigenous learners.

ChristinaTurning the page on scientific curiosity

Katie Moisse traded the lab for pen and paper, but science remains her true calling.

JansonBrotherly Love

Inspired by his brother, Janson Chan created Autism Teenage Partnership, a program supporting youth with autism.

KarinBeing the change

Stepping off the boat onto the dock at her cottage, Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk, DDS’86, feels immediately refreshed. For a few days she leaves behind her dental practice, teaching responsibilities, Dental Renewal Committee meetings and strategic plan project.

Dr. Robert HanseboutTriple Threat

Physician, scientist and community builder, Dr. Robert Hansebout has dedicated his career to changing the lives of people around the world.