MEDICI Research Covered by Wall Street Journal

Research undertaken by the MEDICI Centre was recently covered by the Wall Street Journal. The research article, co-authored by Dr. Eunice Chan, Dr. Janet Martin, and Dr. Davy Cheng, quantified the net, direct, and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the population of the United States using excess deaths, life expectancy, and total years of life lost as metrics. The citation and link for this article (and the corresponding online interactive app) are below:

Chan E.Y.S., Cheng D, Martin J. Impact of COVID-19 on excess mortality, life expectancy, and years of life lost in the United States. PLOS One 2021.

The Wall Street Journal referenced the research in an article titled "One Million Deaths: The Hole the Pandemic Made in U.S. Society" (citation and link to article provided below), which focuses on the excess deaths that have occurred in the United States due to the pandemic, including those that are directly attributed to the disease, and those that occurred due to "derivative causes" such as disruptions in surgery.

Kamp, J., Levitz, J., Abbott, B., & Overberg, P. (2022, Feb 01). One million deaths: The hole the pandemic made in U.S. society. Wall Street Journal (Online).