SOPs and Safety Info

LRMF Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

COVID-19: Decontamination Protocol

COVID-19: SOP for phase three

All lab personnel use Personal Protective Equipment as required by WHMIS or directed by senior personnel. This includes lab coats and safety eyeglasses at all times.

  1. All personnel must receive personalized training on equipment prior to use.

  2. All personnel must book equipment on the FBS system; the person booking must be the person using the equipment.

  3. Supervisors must provide Biosafety information to the Facility Management team.

  4. Work within this facility is limited to image acquisition or image analysis.

  5. Working alone or after hours is permitted with appropriate training and permission by the supervisor. Emergency protocols are discussed in advance. It is required that all personnel working after hours sign in with University security services and ensure that someone is aware of their location.

  6. All used surfaces and equipment will be cleaned daily by lab personnel.

  7. All plastics and gloves and other non-glass contaminated material must be disposed of in the biohazard bags. Temporary collection of plastics is permitted on the benchtop in small biohazard bags.

  8. Pressurized gas tanks are in use in this lab with appropriate regulators and secured to wall brackets. Gas tanks are moved using a trolley after removal of regulator and recapping.

  9. Unattended experiments (including pre-data setup time) will be appropriately labeled fellow lab personnel informed.

A PDF version of our SOP may be found here.

Laser Safety Information

A PDF containing laser safety information may be found here