London Regional Microscopy Facility

The London Regional Microscopy Facility (LRMF), at Robarts Research Institute, Schulich of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, houses many cutting-edge multiphoton and laser-scanning confocal microscopes; providing paramount systems for both fixed tissue and intravital imaging. The facility is available to all researchers at Robarts and Western, in addition to members of the Southwestern Ontario research community. The LRMF is divided into two core facilities: the Vascular, Intravital, Multiphoton and Advanced Analytics (VITAL) Core Facility, and the Confocal Microscopy Core Facility.

Confocal Core

The Confocal Core facility is designed to provide researchers with advanced confocal microscropy, epifluorescence and TIRF imaging. 


VITAL is a CFI-ORF funded facility, designed to provide microvascular and vascular scientists with the advanced technologies necessary to study all aspects of the circulation—including its structure and delivery of nutritive blood flow—in live animals or in ex vivo preparations and immunohistochemistry. 

VITAL strives to provide access to state of the art microscopy equipment and advanced analytical support at a reasonable cost to researchers and health professionals.




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