New Awards announced for 2022!

Six (6) Top Scientific Excellence Awards will be given.  Select Faculty will nominate the top Posters to a section titled “Scientific Excellence and Potential Impact on the Field”.  If a Student is nominated to present their poster in this new category, they will have the opportunity to win one of six Awards noted below:

4 Basic Science Awards – 2 Gold and 2 Silver (Cash prize – value to be announced)

2 Clinical Science Awards – 1 Gold and 1 Silver (Cash prize – value to be announced)

We encourage you to be thoughtful and creative in the posting of your Poster presentation so it is not only informative but also captivating. 

LHRD Collaboration Awards

The 2022 London Health Research Day will be offering the LHRD Collaboration Awards. The Awards are open to all learners who participate in the day with a research poster.

The Awards will be given to poster presenters who propose a collaborative research project based on the knowledge and skill sets presented in their online posters. Posters can be viewed over a two-week period. At the end of that period, we will have a due date for proposals coming from two poster presenters. A review panel will review the applications and the top proposals will receive $500 for each poster presenter and additional funds that are to be used for research expenses to do the proposed research.

LHRD Collaboration Award Regulations

  1. Each proposal must come from two poster presenters at LHRD. The presenters making the proposal can be graduate students, residents, medical students, or postdocs. The two poster presenters must be from different programs and must not have collaborated previously.
  2. The short, written proposal must be based on some aspect of the research presented in the poster of the two applicants. The proposal must explain the synergy between the skill sets of the two applicants.
  3. In addition to $500 awards to each of the successful applicants on the proposal, we will provide funds to carry out the proposed project. A justified budget is required and should not exceed $1000. If a budget must be higher than that, a very strong justification will be required.
  4. The academic supervisors of the two applicants will be required to sign off on the proposal and one will have to be responsible for the research funds provided.
  5. Proposals will be judged on feasibility, originality, and impact. We are planning on funding multiple projects. The exact number of proposals funded will depend on the budgets of the individual projects awarded.
  6. Students will receive the award in two installments, $250 after the Research Day and $250 after completion of the project (by April of the following year). Once budget spent is verified, the PI will receive the funding for the project.

Please note the traditional awards offered in past London Health Research Day events, will not be offered for the 2022 event.

The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards

Thanks to the generosity of the Bernard & Norton Wolf Family Foundation, and the personal interest of Lucille and Norton Wolf, The Lucille & Norton Wolf London Health Research Day Trainee Publication Awards were created to recognize outstanding research discoveries by graduate trainees and postdoctoral scholars. They are announced and handed out at London Health Research Day.

Up to four awards are provided to the top-scoring trainee peer-reviewed publications that have appeared in press. Cash awards are given in the amount of $1,000 for each of the prizes awarded.

Note: You must submit a separate application for The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards. Only those participating in London Health Research Day 2022 through a poster or feature platform presentation are eligible.




London Health Research Day is presented in partnership by Lawson Health Research Institute and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.