Endocrine Residents


We usually have three residents in each year of the two-year training program. We have two guaranteed positions dedicated to Endocrinology and Metabolism and compete for one more position. The competition is strictly based on each resident's application and thus the importance of the information listed below.

Since endocrinology is primarily an out-patient speciality, much of the program is spent in ambulatory clinics. There are several ambulatory clinic rotations with different combinations of clinics (general endocrine, diabetes, thyroid, thyroid cancer, neuro-endocrine tumours, aspiration clinics, lipid disorders, atherosclerosis prevention, reproductive, endocrine pregnancy, endocrine pathology, bariatric surgery assessments, nuclear medicine and osteoporosis). Some rotations can be adapted to specific learning needs.

Each resident will follow patients longitudinally in a weekly clinic throughout the two years.

Patients in hospital for problems that include pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, and diabetic complications, are seen by the Inpatient Consultation Team. Each endocrine resident is the senior resident on the Inpatient Consultation Team for several one month rotations each year. One or two months are spent in pediatric endocrinology.

During the two year program, it is possible for each resident to have up to six months of elective time. Generally, this elective is devoted to either specific clinical interest or research to help the resident assess interest in clinical or basic bench research.

Formal teaching rounds take place Wednesday mornings with more informal sessions Fridays at noon. Journal Club twice monthly.

Program Curriculum

The program residency is for 2 years

Program length of training does not exceed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada standard.

PGY 4: one month peds; one month community medicine; 2-3 months consults; 6 months outpatient clinics, one month elective or selective, one month research.

PGY 5 : up to 6 months elective or selective or research; 3 months clinics, 3 months consults

PGY 5 Residents will complete a Quality Improvement Project