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Rotation Orientation

Handbook and Objectives

Download the Trainee Handbook for Core Medical Residents and other Subspecialty Residents

Teaching Rounds

Wednesday Morning Rounds:

Friday Afternoon Rounds:

Diabetes Education Centre:

Types of Classes Offered:

  1. DIABETES A this large group session is similar to our previous 'Survival Skills'.
  2. DIABETES B this session is conducted in smaller groups and the focus is mostly on diet and medications. These are usually the ones I have assigned to our housesatff. They occur on Mondays at 1300 hours and Fridays at 1300 hours.
  3. DIABETES C this session is also conducted in smaller groups and the focus is on low fat eating, and staying healthy with diabetes.

Outpatient Clinics



Weekday Call:

  1. From 1700 to 0800
  2. Usually covered by residents on inpatient consult service
  3. Calls usually around patients being followed. Occasionally new consults
  4. Majority can be seen the next day
  5. You may have to come in for sicker patients (post op pituitary or pregnant patient in DKA)
  6. If in doubt call consultant and discuss

Weekend Call:

  1. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  2. Hand over given at Friday noon rounds
  3. Discuss plan and who needs to be seen
  4. Saturday covered by junior resident
  5. Some consultants round with residents, others prefer to be updated by phone
  6. Friday/Sunday covered by the fellow

New Consults: