Program Research

The faculty members in the Developmental Disabilities Program are active in research.  

Please find their recent publications and grants they are currently holding below.  

Recent Publications by Members of the Developmental Disabilities Program

Alkhudidi, A., Stevenson, R.A., & Rafat, Y.  (2020).  Geminate Attrition in the Speech of Arabic-English Bilinguals Living in Canada.  Heritage Language Journal, 17(1).

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Jangjoo, M., Goodman, S.J., Choufani, S., Trost, B., Scherer, S.W., Kelley, E., Ayub, M., Nicolson, R., Georgiades, S., Crosbie, J., Schachar, R., Anagnostou, E., Grunebaum, E., & Weksberg, R. (2021). An Epigenetically Distinct Subset of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Resulting From Differences in Blood Cell Composition. Frontiers in Neurology12, 612817.

Johnston, R., Doucet, G., Boulay, C., Miller, K., Martinez-Trujillo, J., & Sachs, A. (2021). Decoding Saccade Intention From Primate Prefrontal Cortical Local Field Potentials Using Spectral, Spatial, and Temporal Dimensionality Reduction. International Journal of Neural Systems31(6), 2150023.

Kuenzel, E., Seguin, D., Nicolson, R., & Duerden, E.G. (2021). Early adversity and positive parenting: Association with cognitive outcomes in children with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research, 10.1002/aur.2613. Advance online publication.

Kushki, A., Cardy, R.E., Panahandeh, S., Malihi, M., Hammill, C., Brian, J., Iaboni, A., Taylor, M.J., Schachar, R., Crosbie, J., Arnold, P., Kelley, E., Ayub, M., Nicolson, R., Georgiades, S., Lerch, J.P., & Anagnostou, E. (2021). Cross-Diagnosis Structural Correlates of Autistic-Like Social Communication Differences. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991)31(11), 5067–5076.

LaLonde, K.B., Dueñas, A.D., Neil, N., Wawrzonek, A., & Plavnick, J.B. (2020). An Evaluation of Two Tact-Training Procedures on Acquired Tacts and Tacting During Play. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior36(2), 180–192.

Lee, E.Y., Neil, N., & Friesen, D.C. (2021). Support needs, coping, and stress among parents and caregivers of people with Down syndrome. Research in Developmental Disabilities119, 104113. Advance online publication.

McDonnell, C.G., DeLucia, E.A., Hayden, E.A., Anagnostou, E., Nicolson, R., Kelley, E., Georgiades, S., Liu, X., & Stevenson, R.A.  (2020).  An Exploratory Analysis of Predictors of Youth Suicide-Related Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Implications for prevention science.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 50, 3531-3544. 

McDonnell, C.G., DeLucia, E., Hayden, E.P., Anagnostou, E., Nicolson, R., Kelley, E., Georgiades, S., Liu, X., Stevenson, R.A.  (In Press).  A Comprehensive Analysis of Predictors of Youth Suicidality in Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Multiple Domains: Implications for prevention science.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  

McDonnell, C.G., DeLucia, E.A., Hayden, E.P., Penner, M., Curcin, K., Anagnostou, E., Nicolson, R., Kelley, E., Georgiades, S., Liu, X., & Stevenson, R.A. (2021). Sex Differences in Age of Diagnosis and First Concern among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology : The official journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Psychological Association, Division 5350(5), 645–655.

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Papadopoulos, A., Nichols, E.S., Mohsenzadeh, Y., Giroux, I., Mottola, M.F., Van Lieshout, R.J., & Duerden, E.G. (2021). Depression in pregnant women with and without COVID-19. BJPsych Open7(5), e173.

Papadopoulos, A., Seguin, D., Correa, S., & Duerden, E.G. (2021). Peer victimization and the association with hippocampal development and working memory in children with ADHD and typically-developing children. Scientific Reports11(1), 16411.

Parks, K., Cardy, J., Woynaroski, T.G., Sehl, C.G., & Stevenson, R.A. (2021). Investigating the Role of Inattention and/or Hyperactivity/impulsivity in Language and Social Functioning Using a Dimensional Approach. Journal of Communication Disorders89, 106036.

Parks, K.P., Griffith, L., Noonan, N., & Stevenson, R.A.  (In Press).  Statistical Learning and Social Competency: The mediating role of language.  Journal of Communication Disorders. 

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Rizeq, J., Korczak, D.J., Tombeau Cost, K., Anagnostou, E., Charach, A., Monga, S., Birken, C.S., Kelley, E., Nicolson, R.,  Spit for Science, Burton, C.L. & Crosbie, J.  (2021).  Vulernatbility Pathways to Mental Health Outcomes in Children and Parents During COVID-19.  Current Psychology,

Sanjeevan, T., Hammill, C., Brian, J., Crosbie, J., Schachar, R., Kelley, E., Liu, X., Nicolson, R., Iaboni, A., Gragiadakis, S.D., Ristic, L., Lerch, J., & Anagnostou, E.  (2020).  Exploring the Neural Structurees Underlying the Procedural Memory Network as Predictors of Language Ability in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2020, 14.  587019.

Scheerer, N.E., Curcin, K., Stojanoski, B., Anagnostou, E., Nicolson, R., Kelley, E., Georgiades, S., Liu, X., & Stevenson, R.A. (2021). Exploring sensory phenotypes in autism spectrum disorder. Molecular Autism12(1), 67.

Scheerer, N.E., Shafai, F., Stevenson, R.A., & Iarocci, G. (In Press).  Affective Prosody Perception and the Relation to Social Competence in Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Journal of Abnoral Child Psychology.  

Schulz, S.E., & Stevenson, R.A. (2021). Convergent Validity of Behavioural and Subjective Sensitivity in Relation to Autistic Traits. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders5(2), 758-770. 

Schulz, S.E., & Stevenson, R.A. (2020).  Differentiating Between Sensory Sensitivity and Sensory Reactivity in Relation to Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behaviours.  Autism, 24(1), 121-134. 

Scott, K.E., Schulz, S.E., Moehrle, D., Allman, B. L., Oram Cardy, J.E., Stevenson, R.A., & Schmid, S. (2021). Closing the species gap: Translational approaches to studying sensory processing differences relevant for autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research : Official journal of the International Society for Autism Research14(7), 1322–1331.

Seguin, D., Kuenzel, E., Morton, J.B., & Duerden, E.G. (2021). School's out: Parenting stress and screen time use in school-age children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Affective Disorders Reports6, 100217.

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Grants Currently Held By Members of the Developmental Disabilities Program

Anagnostou, E., & Lerch, J. (Principal Investigators), Nicolson, R., (Co-Investigator).  Province of Ontairo Neurodevelopmental Disorders Network.  Ontario Brain Institute.  $13,000,000; 2018-2023.

Anagnostou E. (Principal Investigator), Nicolson, R., (Co-Investigator).  Treatment for Anxiety in Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  $590,729; 2019-2023.

Bahrick, L. (Principal Investigator), Stevenson, R.A. (Site Principal Investigator).  Multisensory Development: New measures and a collaborative database role.  $2,551,508; 2018-2023.

Korczak, D., & Martinussen, R.L. (Principal Investigators), Nicolson, R. (Co-Investigator).  Population-Based Virtual Mental Health Interventions for Children, Youth and Famillies During COVID-19: If we build it, will they come?  Canadian Institutes for Health Research.  $199,635; 2020-2021. 

Korczak, D. (Principal Investigator), Nicolson R. (Co-Investigator).  Real-Time Monitoring of Disaster-Related Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Children, Youth and Families: A cross collaboration of community and clinical cohorts.  Hospital fo rSick Children COVID-19 Catalyst Research Grant Competition.  $100,000; 2020-2021. 

Ogilvie, J. (Principal Investigator), Nicolson R. (Co-Investigator).  Family Perspective on Fit Between Education Interventions and Functional Needs for Young Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  Children’s Health Research Institute.  $10,000; 2020-2022. 

Stevenson, R.A. (Principal Investigator).  Neurocognitive Development of Sensory Processing in Autism.  Canadian FOundation for Innovation - John R. Evans Leaders Foundation.  $501,933; 2018-2023.  

Stevenson, R.A. (Principal Investigator).  Sensory Disturbances in Autism and Their Cascading Influence on Behaviour and Neural Processing.  Early Researcher Award.  $140,000; 2018-2023.

Williamson, T., Anagnostou, E., & Szatmari, P. (Principal Investigators).  Nicolson, R. (Co-Investigator).  Stepping up to COVID-19: Examining a virtual mental health stepped care approach to addressing needs of at-risk children and families.  $200,000; 2020-2021.