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The 5th Annual Dr. Benjamin Goldberg Developmental Disabilities Research Day

The Developmental Disabilities Program is thrilled to announce the 5th Annual Dr. Benjamin
Goldberg Developmental Disabilities Research Day will be presented as a Virtual Event.  
This event will be held on May 25th, 2020, Online using Zoom in the afternoon.
This event will feature a keynote presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Kelley, Ph.D.; Department of Psychology, Queen's University at 1pm.
Dr. Kelley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queen's University.  The focus of her research is based in developmental psychology, and grounded in an epigenetic, or systems approach to development.  The overarching theme of her research is to examine the interaction between various aspects of language development, cognitive development, and social cognitive development, and their influence on the overall development of children with autism, language delay, and typical development processes.  She is particularly interested in the development pathways of children with autism and how these children's language and cognitive development are affected by their social difficulties.
The rest of the event will showcase talks by Dr. Ryan Stevenson, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Dr. Emma Duerden, Ph.D., Faculty of Education, Dr. Julio Martinez-Trufillo, MD, Ph.D., Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and Dr. J. Bruce Morton, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Western University.
The program for this event can be found here: Program 2020.


To view this webinar, or register for the webinar in advance, please click here: Dr. Benjamin Goldberg Developmental Disabilities Research Day Webinar