Dr. Michael Rieder

M Rieder

Office: B1-138, Victoria Hospital
Phone: 519.685.8500 ex58293
Fax: 519.685.8156
E-mail: Michael.Rieder@schulich.uwo.ca

MD Saskatchewan
Ph.D Toronto
Fellowship, Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Toronto)
Fellowship, Clinical Pharmacology (Toronto)

My research interests involve mechanistic studies of serious adverse drug reactions with a specific focus on drug hypersensitivity. Our group is working on determining the relative contributions of metabolism and immune response in the development of drug hypersensitivity to a number of drugs including commonly used antibiotics, anti-epilepsy drugs and chemotherapeutic agents. More recently we are investigating how genetically determined variations in drug metabolism, immune response, drug transport and cellular repair determine risk for serious adverse events to chemotherapy for childhood cancer. Our laboratory also has a long-standing interest in steroid biology and the impact of stress on corticosteroid production. We are also involved in a series of clinical studies to define optimal therapy for children in acute and emergency care settings. More recent areas of focus in our laboratory are studies on point of care diagnostics for food and drug safety and in the development of wireless sensor systems for the evaluation of pharmacological responses.

Selected Publications

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