Dr. Doreen Matsui

D. Matsui bio pic

Professor Emeritus, Department of Paediatrics and Medicine

Office: B1-138A, Victoria Hospital
Phone: 519.685.8500 ex58268
Fax: 519.685.8156
E-mail: Doreen.Matsui@lhsc.on.ca

Dr. Matsui joined Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre in 1993. She is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Paediatrics and Medicine. She is also an Associate Scientist in the Clinical Research Program at the Children’s Health Research Institute and the Lawson Health Research Institute.

Dr. Matsui is Director of the FRAME (Fetal Risk Assessment from Maternal Exposure) Program at Children’s Hospital and is a member of many committees including the Drug and Therapeutics Committee, LHSC, the Paediatric Medication Committee, Children’s Hospital and the Medication Safety Committee, LHSC. She is Chair of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Examination Board in Clinical Pharmacology and a Vice Chair of the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board, Western University. Dr. Matsui’s interests include drug therapy in children, medication adherence, effects of drugs in pregnancy, and research ethics.

Recent Publications

  • Matsui D, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Pregnancy. Ther Drug Monit Journal 2012;34:507-11.
  • Matsui D. Medication adherence issues in patients: focus on cost. Clinical Audit 2013;5:33–42.
  • Thomson B, Joseph G, Clark WF, Hladunewich M, Patel A, Blake P, Eastabrook G, Matsui D, Sharma A, House A. Maternal, pregnancy and fetal outcomes in de novo anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody disease in pregnancy: a systematic review. Clin Kidney J 2014;7:450-6.
  • Matsui D, Koren G. Creating a New Ethical Climate for Drug Research in Children and Pregnant Women. Pediatr Drugs 2015;17:1-3.
  • Matsui D. Ethics of Studies of Drugs in Pregnancy. Pediatr Drugs 2015;17:31-5.