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Reunion Planning

If you graduated in a year ending in a 4 or 9, 2019 it is your reunion year. It's never too early or too late to start planning, let us help you make plans and connect with your classmates.

Contact your class leader today!

Medicine Reunion Classes

MD 1944

MD 1949
Edward Mullens

MD 1954

MD 1959

MD 1964

MD 1969
Rob Orton
Celebrating Homecoming Weekend
MD 1974
Larry Patrick
Celebrating Homecoming Weekend
MD 1979

MD 1984 
Linda Sinnaeve
Celebrating Homecoming Weekend
MD 1989
Committee Email
Celebrating Homecoming Weekend
MD 1994 MD 1999

MD 2004
Iliana Lega
Anne Martin
Kristen Jones

MD 2009

Celebrating November 2019
MD 2014

Dentistry Reunion Classes

DDS 1974 DDS 1979

Celebrating Homecoming Weekend
DDS 1984
Brenda Thomson

Celebrating May 2019
DDS 1989
David Camellato

Celebrating May 2019
DDS 1994

DDS 1999
Majid Esmaeili

Dimple Bhatia

Celebrating May 2019

DDS 2004 DDS 2009 DDS 2014
Heba Al Tarhuni

Kimberley Stevens

Don't see a class leader listed? There are still many ways to celebrate with us. 
For information on class reunions, Homecoming Weekend or upcoming Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni programming please contact Sandra Gowdy, Alumni Engagement Officer.