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The medical school at Western University was founded in 1881, with the first class beginning in October 1882. More than 130 years later, the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is providing world-class education to medical and dental students, master and doctoral candidates, residents and postdoctoral trainees. Below is a collection of photos throughout the years, click on an image to see it larger.

1881-1888 | 1889-1921 | 1922-1947 | 1948-1965 | 1966-1978 | 1979-1988


Class of 1887 Dr. William Roche Victoria Hospital in 1875 A group of interns from St. Joeseph's Hospital Dr. Maurice Bucke The London Medical College



Number 10 Stationary Field Hospital Members of the Number 10 Stationary Field Hospital Kathleen Sanborn Class



Sir Frederick Banting New building of the Faculty of Medicine in 1921 Hippocratic Society Students in lab ottaway South Street building Dr. Kathleen B. Sanborn Meds Merrymakers and Meds Merrymakers Orchestra Medical Research Dr. Edward Hall



Dr. Murray Barr and Dr. Ewart Bertram Dr. Charles Beer Dr. Charles Drake Dr. Ken Carrol Construction on the new Medical Sciences Building in the early 1960s Exterior Medical Sciences Building



Groundbreaking for the Dental Sciences Building Dr. Marilyn MacLaughlin the first female graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry, formed in 1968. looking into a patient's mouth Ariel view of the opening of University Hospital in 1972 Dr. Henry Barnett



Dr. Bill Wall Global Health