Practicing paediatrics in a “rural” or non-academic centre is a rewarding challenge that the SWOMEN Paediatric program offers, to enrich your learning as a Resident.   Regardless of your career path, your career will be empowered by experiencing how Paediatrics is practiced in a variety of venues. Although you have extensive exposure to key, core clinical areas in your academic centre training, it is still important for you to experience patient care where the vast majority of Paediatrics is practiced.

The strategic learning opportunity of a SWOMEN Paediatric Rotation includes the opportunity to:

  • Work with more independence, with the support of excellent clinical teachers.
  • Assess patients independently, and follow them in an office setting. The variety of patients seen in most paediatricians’ offices varies in scope and breadth, but mostly focusing on developmental and behavioral paediatrics.
  • See truly how you can incorporate all aspects of paediatric knowledge to meeting the challenges of many complex and common clinical challenges.
  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams outside of the hospital setting. During this time you will be able to experience health care advocacy and appreciate how Paediatricians actually function in community settings –advocating for and advancing paediatric health at the grass roots level of our region
  • Teach –students and other health care professionals.
  • Receive meaningful one to one coaching and support by knowledgeable and experienced paediatric faculty.
  • Provide on call services in the centre for ED, Community health care providers, and the Delivery Room.
  • Review and manage many common paediatric problems that serve as required core knowledge for your residency objectives, and most importantly growth as a paediatrician.

Click here to view more detaisl about PGE RotaionsSWOMEN Paediatrics offers rotations in the following centers:

  1. Stratford –there are four pediatricians who have individual office practices and share on-call and teaching students and residents. They offer their region consulting pediatric practices. Stratford has a Level 2 Nursery providing CPAP and TPN. Their practices are mostly centered towards general pediatrics and developmental/behavioral pediatric challenges.
  2. St. Thomas –there are four pediatric teachers in St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital. They offer rotations in their individual office practice and in hospital care. These offices offer a mixture of primary care and consulting care. St.Thomas offers as well a Level 2 Neonatal Care.
  3. Chatham–in Chatham-Kent all four paediatricians are located in one teaching office facility. This office facility, opened in 2009, offers a Board Room with a TeleMedicine link, and hosts multi-disciplinary clinics on site. Chatham also offers Level 2 paediatric neonatal care including TPN and CPAP. Their office practices are restricted to consultation general and behavioral Paediatrics.
  4. Sarnia –the majority of students and Residents in Sarnia work with Dr. Lacroix. Dr. Lacroix has an office that has been designed especially for paediatric teaching. Each paediatrician offers a mixture of paediatric primary care and referral paediatrics.


The goal of a rural paediatric rotation through SWOMEN would be for you as a resident, to experience paediatrics in a non-academic centre, to act as a health care advocate, establish relationships with patients, families, and community partners while working in an outpatient setting. This rotation offers to you an opportunity for personal growth as a paediatrician, and will have significant positive impact on your career.

Quotes from previous evaluations include:

  • “Is one of the most approachable, engaging and intelligent clinical Instructors I have met”.
  • “An outstanding clinician, patient advocate and teacher”.
  • “Passionate teaching on a variety of subjects”.
  • “Great teacher who cares about the learning experience of his students”.


I would be more than happy to address any questions you have about this excellent opportunity for learning. Please feel free to contact me:

Dr. Margaret Bertoldi
SWOMEN Academic Director, Paediatrics
Phone: (519) 637-0009

Visit the Department of Pediatrics at Western

Charlotte Sikatori
Program Coordinator, Rural Regional
Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network (SWOMEN)
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
t: 519.858.5152 x. 22146
e: charlotte.sikatori@schulich.uwo.ca

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