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    Students have many opportunities to gain valuable research experience.

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    Dr. Ilka Heinemann was featured in the February issue of Current Affairs.

  • Your Support will help build careers!

    Your Support will help build careers!

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Biochemistry News

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Featured Faculty

Dr. Nathalie Berube

Nathalie Berube

Dr. Nathalie Berube won a prestigious award given by the Lawson Health Research Institute. (read more)

Featured Student

Donald Spratt

Donald Spratt

With 17 publications, including a paper in Nature Communications, it is clear that a life of research was meant to be. (read more)

Featured Alumni

Dr. Ben Kleinstiver

Dr. Ben Kleinstiver

Recipent of the Collip Medal and a co-exec of the Social Committee - a great example of what our grads are all about. (read more)

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