Application Information

Who Should Apply?

This training program is aimed at primary health care research students and decision makers.

Trainees could include:

  • Graduate Students
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Residents doing Research Fellowships
  • Mid-career Clinicians
  • Decision Makers (see eligibility below)

 Eligibility for Decision Makers:

  • Employed full time in a role that shapes policy or manages programs that are directly relevant to primary health care;
  • Typically, employed in ministries of health or regional health authorities with portfolios that include the development or implementation of evidence-informed primary health care policies;
  • Institutional duties should include exposure to research or systematic inquiry;
  • Firm commitment from employer to a half-day per week of release time to participate;
  • Employers may support greater than one applicant, but the trainee selection is at the discretion of the TUTOR-PHC selection committee.


How to Apply?

To be considered for this program, please send a completed application package as one PDF (English or French):

Primary Health Care Research Students:

  • Application Form   EN / FR
  • Reference Form   EN / FR
  • Supervisor Form   EN / FR

Decision Makers:

  • Application Form   EN / FR
  • Reference Form   EN / FR
  • Supervisor Form   EN / FR

Information for Decision Maker Applicants and Employers:

  • Information Form   EN / FR

Selection Process

A selection committee will choose the best applicants, normally 12 Canadian and 4 international trainees are selected every year.



Inquiries related to the program and online application can be directed to the Program Coordinator at:  


Phone: 519-661-2111 ex. 22089