Postdoctoral Fellows 

 Emily Nichols


Rita Morassut 

Medical Students

Anu Chinnadurai – Schulich Research Opportunities Program Funding

Kiley Hyland – Schulich Research Opportunities Program Funding

Valerie Steckle - Summer Research Training Program Funding

Past Trainees

PostDoctoral Fellows

Roberta Bgeginski - Whaley Fellowship

Flavien Delhaes

Takashi Hashimoto - Whaley Fellowship

Janine Hutson

Shifana Lalani

Pinki Nandi

Conrad Rockel


Laura Allen

Dalia Bibr

Sheryl Choo

Matt Cohen

Kara Huard

Andrea Hunt

Jennifer Hughes-Large

Caroline Shenouda

Medical Students

Emily Guo

Tianna Koreman – Summer Research Training Program Funding

Erin Murray - Summer Research Training Program Funding

Craig Olmstead

Alexandra Pittini

Brintha Sivajohan - Schulich Research Opportunities Program Funding

Amanda Toufeili

Shifaz Veettil

 PhD Students

Diana Jaradat

Monica Molinaro - Graduate Research Assistant

Stephanie Giza - supervised by Dr. McKenzie and Dr. de Vrijer - Doctor of Philosophy, Medical Biophysics  - Water-fat magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of human fetal adipose tissue - Jul 2023

Simran Sethi - supervised by Dr. McKenzie - Doctor of Philosophy, Medical Biophysics - In Utero Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry for Fetal Tissue Development - Jun 2023

MSc Students

Candace Alexander 

Erin Biggar

Susana Correa - supervised by Dr. Duerden and Dr. De Ribaupierre - Master of Science, Neuroscience - Maturation of default mode network functional connectivity strength in utero and the association with subcortical macrostructure: mapping brain ontogeny supporting early cognitive processing - Apr 2023

Estee Goldberg - supervised by Dr. de Ribaupierre - Master of Engineering Science, Biomedical Engineering - Using an Internal Auditory Stimulus to Activate the Developing Primary Auditory Cortex: A Fetal fMRI Study – Jan 2020

Daniel McCooeye

Colin McCurdy - supervised by Dr. McKenzie - Master of Science, Medical Biophysics - Fully Automated Segmentation and Quantification of Abdominal Adipose Tissue Compartments in Mouse MRI - Aug 2014

Shohi Prajapati - supervised by Dr. Campbell and Dr. Klar Master of Science, Epidemiology and Biostatistics - The Association Between Maternal Obesity and Fetal Size for Gestational Age in Singletons and Twins - Jul 2019

Akasham Rajagopaul - supervised by Dr. de Vrijer and Dr. Regnault - Master of Science, Physiology and Pharmacology - Metabolomic Biomarkers for Hypertensive Disease of Pregnancy - Jun 2023

Mei Yuan - supervised by Dr. Frisbee - Master of Science, Pathology - Investigating The Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Maternal Perceived Stress, Postpartum Depressive Symptoms, And Pregnancy Outcomes In London, Ontario: A One Health Approach - Aug 2021

Undergraduate Students

Prasiddha Parthasarathy

Aidan Pucchio

Aloka Wijesooriya