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Western Cardiac Surgery researchers publish case report on repairing partial atrioventricular canal defect

Can J Cardiol. 2015 May 29. [Epub ahead of print]

Minimally invasive repair of partial atrioventricular canal defect

Bozso SJ, Nagendran J, Chu MW


Percutaneous techniques offer patients with anatomically suitable secundum atrial septal defects a less invasive treatment option; however, repair of more complex atrial septal defects are still performed via sternotomy. An endoscopic, right minithoracotomy approach has demonstrated efficacy and safety in complex mitral valve repair and might be a more cosmetically appealing alternative, particularly in young adult patients. We describe a patient with partial atrioventricular canal defect and left atrioventricular valve insufficiency who underwent successful minimally invasive, endoscopic repair of this defect.

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