Peter Martin

Peter Martin

Before he finished his undergraduate degree in physics and applied math at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Peter Martin, PhD Candidate, knew he wanted to do research in medical biophysics and imaging.

Originally from Newfoundland, Martin began his search for the right program by asking the question: where is the best research in this field taking place in Canada?

He found the answer quite quickly: the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University.

“Western has been building quite a reputation as a health research leader in Canada, at least in my field of medical biophysics and imaging,” Martin said. He explained he knew he wouldn’t be able to continue studying in Newfoundland as there is a lack of medical physics research taking place there.

In the end, however, his decision came down to discussions with his current supervisor, Aaron Ward, PhD. “His obvious passion for his research is what finalized my decision.”

Martin, with the assistance of Ward, would like to develop ways to increase the detection rate of prostate cancer biopsy. This will enable earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer, even while it remains localized to the gland and curable.

“We aim to do this through the development of computationally optimized biopsy targeting schemes on a per-patient basis,” he explained.

Martin’s ongoing research at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry aims to prevent false negatives and essentially allow medical practitioners to target the cancer early on — an innovation that could save many lives.

When asked what he enjoys most about studying at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Martin said he sees it as a “hub” for medical collaborations. The shared knowledge of medical investigators from not only this institution, but others as well, drives his passion for medicine further.

“I feel that it’s this large community of shared scientific and clinical expertise that really sets Schulich Medicine & Dentistry apart from other institutions, even on a global scale.”