Ge Shi

ShiMy childhood was a bit of a whirlwind – I was born in China and spent a few years in different parts of the country, then moved to Erlangen, Germany for 5 years, then returned to China for a year, and finally ended up in Edmonton, Alberta. At the University of Alberta I studied Biology with a special focus in bioinformatics and genetics/epigenetics for three years before attending UBC Medicine Class of 2020. Even though I’ve always had a passion for technology and working with my hands borne from years of PC/console gaming and sports, I discovered my love for General Surgery quite late. For that reason and many others, I’m incredibly excited and humbled to be able to join this incredible team at Western for journey in General Surgery training. I have particular interests in various extended reality (XR) applications within surgery and medical education. Outside of medicine I enjoy playing video-games, creating video-games as of late, photography, videography, graphic design, reading, and bouldering.