2017 President’s Award for Physician Leadership

Celebrating our People

Ken LeslieDr. Ken Leslie is the Chief of General Surgery. He has been at London Health Sciences Centre for 22 years. Through his leadership, Dr. Leslie’s mission has been dedicated to ensuring the Division of General Surgery delivers high-quality care, with a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining a robust academic program and developing future leaders.

Dr. Leslie’s nominators credit him for several initiatives that have bolstered the Division of General Surgery. As one nominator notes, “Many of the projects Ken has promoted have improved patient care, patient safety, quality, and has decreased cost to the institution.” One key initiative spearheaded by Dr. Leslie was the Rapid Standardized Operating Rooms (RAPSTOR) project with the aim of developing high efficiency operating rooms through case uniformity, efficient turnovers and equipment standardization. As a result, procedures have been streamlined in the OR, with a higher volume performed on a standard OR day at a lower cost. Dr. Leslie engaged multiple disciplines, including anaesthesia, nursing and day surgery staff in appreciation of the efforts and dedication of each team member that was required to ensure the success of this initiative.

“RAPSTOR is an extremely successful program,” said Dr. Leslie. “We have been able to complete 75% more cases in the same amount of OR time due to the standardization of cases, equipment, patients and OR team. RAPSTOR has allowed us to decrease cost by almost 30%. The improved efficiencies have result in a much shorter wait times for our patients. This program has been great for the patients. Comment by staff working with in the RAPSTOR project included: ‘It was fast paced and efficient. The room also had a good vibe with good spirits and laughs’; ‘Efficient team concept, felt like all were working with a common goal’; ‘Less delays, more of a team feeling, greater satisfaction with work, great job by OR nurses’. It is the creation of this outstanding team that RAPSTOR created that I am most proud of. ”

A theme in Dr. Leslie’s nomination letters was his recognition of the importance of working clinically at both University and Victoria Hospitals in understanding issues, successes, and areas for improvement on the ground level. This hands-on approach to leadership has strengthened the skills of those who learn from him. Due to his openness to listen to others and tackle difficult challenges, one of his nominators refers to him as the “people’s leader.”

“As was seen at the President Award ceremony, all recipients had similar characteristics-dedication, passion, vision, problem solvers, compassionate, caring, outstanding communicators, good listeners, deal with adversity and fairness”, said Dr.Leslie. “There are many individuals within LHSC that demonstrate these qualities daily. These individuals mold the environment at LHSC, making LHSC the great place it is.”