Dr. Patrick Colquhoun named Chair/Chief Division of Surgical Oncology

Dr. Colquhoun is an Associate Professor in the Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery and a member of the Division of Surgery Oncology, Department of Oncology. Dr. Colquhoun brings to the role a wealth of clinical experience in the area of colorectal cancer surgery. He is recognized for his excellence in clinical teaching and commitment to quality and innovation in cancer surgery and he has provided exceptional medical leadership of the Gastrointestinal Disease Site Team at the London Regional Cancer Program.

We ask you to join us in welcoming Dr. Colquhoun in his new role and in wishing him success in this very important leadership position within the London Regional Cancer Program and the Departments of Surgery and Oncology.

Glenn Bauman, Chair/Chief, Department of Oncology

John Denstedt, Chair/Chief, Department of Surgery

Robin Walker, Integrated Vice President, Medical Affairs, London Health Sciences Centre

Neil Johnson, Vice President, Cancer Services, London Health Sciences Centre