Schulich Wellbeing Program

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The Schulich Wellbeing Program is based on a Peers for Peers model, the Program will provide support for clinical and dentistry faculty in London and Windsor.

Wellbeing includes the overall physical, psychological and professional wellbeing of the individual, as well as supporting academic wellbeing in conjunction with career guidance. It also encompasses promoting equity, collegiality and professionalism in all clinical and/or academic endeavours.

Drs. Laura Foxcroft, Bill McCauley and Andrea Lum are the faculty leads for the Schulich Wellbeing Program.

  • Dr. Laura Foxcroft, Assistant Dean Faculty Wellbeing
    Portfolio: wellness, equity, harassment/intimidation and mentorship
  • Dr. Bill McCauley, Assistant Dean Professional Affairs
    Portfolio: professional behaviour, contracts, conflicts, promotion and ARCs
  • Dr. Andrea Lum, Vice Dean Clinical Faculty Affairs
    Portfolio: program oversight, support and resources for Assistant Deans

Importantly, the wellbeing committee also includes 19 representatives from clinical departments, as well as Schulich Dentistry and the Schulich Medicine - Windsor Campus. The departmental leads will be the first contact for faculty and they will navigate pathways for further assistance and access to needed resources for their peers, as well as enhancing the flow of communication between faculty and the School.


General email: 

Dr. Laura Foxcroft 
Assistant Dean, Faculty Wellbeing
Clinical Faculty Affairs
Tel: 519.661.2111 Ext. 88867

Lindsay Lowry 
Administrative Coordinator
Clinical Faculty Affairs
Tel: 519.661.2111 Ext. 80164