Claudio Martin

Dr. Claudio Martin

Dr. Claudio Martin
Office: LHSC - VH (Room D2-528B)
Phone: 519.685.8500 ext. 55661

Base Specialty, where and when: Internal Medicine, Toronto, 1988; Critical Care, Western 1990
Years in practice: 24

  1. Academic interest: Sepsis research and quality improvement
  2. Favorite clinical topic? Resuscitation
  3. Current #1 project in critical care? ICU Collaborative for patient safety
  4. Your most important contribution to critical care? TRICC Study
  5. Favorite winter activity? Skiing
  6. Favorite summer activity? Sailing
  7. Mac or PC? PC
  8. Favorite London area restaurant? David’s Bistro
  9. What is the best thing about London? Central Location
  10. Best medical conference to attend? Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
  11. Facebook user? Yes
  12. Beatles, Shania or Beethoven? Beatles
  13. Chess or Hockey? Hockey
  14. What will you be doing in 10 years? Sailing in the Mediterranean
  15. Tell me one more interesting thing about yourself: Signature dish is a deboned and stuffed turkey.