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Summer Studentships

CaRTT is committed to providing an integrated training program in cancer research leading to better diagnosis or treatment of human disease.  In developing partnerships between basic scientists and clinical researchers, it provides stipends for MSc and PhD trainees and postdoctoral fellows. 

In a separate program, and in order to bridge the gap to the CaRTT graduate program, CaRTT is offering to help support undergraduate summer students in 2018.  Students must: be enrolled in Western University; be under the director supervision of a CaRTT Mentor; and be working on a research project in oncology.

Summer studentships must be under the direct supervision of a CaRTT mentor and must be on research projects in oncology.

See the CaRTT Summer Studentship Application form for more detailed information.

Applications are due March 9, 2018 by noon. 


2018 CaRTT Summer Studentships

Dr. Alison Allan - Gabriella Schoettle - Project Title: Inhibition of selectins for basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF2) as a strategy for reducing lung-mediated metastatic behaviour of breast cancer cells.

Dr. Caroline Schild-Poulter - Gabriel Onea - Project Title: Analysis of the tumour-suppressive functions of the CTLH complex.

Dr. Christopher Pin - Muhammad (Faran) Khalid - Project Title: Epigenetic reprogramming in pancreatic cancer cell lines.

Dr. Donna Goldhawk - Moeez Tahir - Project Title: Using MRI and Magnetosome Gene Expression for Tumour Cell Therapy.

Dr. Eugene Wong - Navah Ball - Project Title: Investigation of breast cancer metastasis in lung on a chip.

Dr. Fred Dick - Teodora Margnean - Project Title: Cell cycle and genome instability in cancer.

Dr. Len Luyt - Geran Tu - Project Title: Development and evaluation of fluorescent peptides targeting protease activated receptor 4 (PAR4)

Dr. Matthew Hebb - Hao Ming Chen - Project Title: Targeting heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) in glioblastoma stem cells.

Dr. Paula Foster - Olivia Sehl - Project Title: Advancing Imaging Technology for Cancer Cell Tracking.

Dr. Trevor Shepherd & Dr. Gabriel DiMattia - Wonjae (Jay) Lee - Project Title: Expression of activated KRAS or BRAF in human low-grade serous ovarian cancer cell lines to explore the role of these oncogenes in the context of a LGSC genome.