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Reunion Planning

If you graduated in a year ending in a 3 or 8, 2018 is your reunion year! It's never too early or too late to start planning, let us help you make plans and connect with your classmates. 

Not sure where to start? Take a look at how classes celebrated their reunions in 2017. 

Upcoming Reunions


Medicine Class of 1943

Contact: Kayla Kalijarvi
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
Details: Golden Alumni Reception and The Dean's Gala.


Medicine Class of 1958

Contact: Drs. Bill Francombe and John Girvin
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
Details: Friday evening cocktail at the home of Dr. John Girvin, Golden Alumni Reception and the Dean's Gala on Saturday, followed by brunch at David's Bistro on Sunday. 


Medicine Class of 1963

Contact: Dr. David Bell
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
Details: All events to take place at the Windermere Manor.

Medicine Class of 1968

Contact: Dr. Ann Thomas
Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20.
Details: Homecoming programming followed by a class dinner at the Idlewyld Inn & Spa.


 Medicine Class of 1973

Contact: Drs. Tom Bell, Larry Kramer, Dwight Moulin
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20 

Friday Night Cocktail followed by Saturday evening class dinner at The Hunt Club. The Medicine Class of 1973 is also working hard on creating a memory book to celebrate their reunion. 

Dentistry Class of 1978

Contact: Drs. Ian Bourke, Kevin Cool, Sydney Katzman
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
Homecoming programming. 

Medicine Class of 1978

Contact: Drs. Bidinot and DeMarco
Date: Weekend of September 21, 2018

Events to take place in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Dentistry Class of 1983

Contact: Dr. John Tupper
 Friday, April 27, 2018, Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
 Will be celebrating during Homecoming Weekend.



Medicine Class of 1993

Contact: Dr. Karen Shulman
Date: Homecoming Weekend, October 19-20
Homecoming programing and class dinner. 

Dentistry Class of 1993

Contact: Drs. Mariela Anderson and Verona Sulja 
 To be announced. 
 To be announced. 

Medicine Class of 1995

Contact: Drs. Jeff Blackmer, Merrilee Brown, Keyvan Hadad, and Pramod Puligandla
Date: To be announced. 
 To be announced. 

Medicine Class of 1998

Contact: Drs. John Boyd, Milena Forte & Jeff Granton
Date: October 19-20 

Friday Night: Cocktails

Location: Thames Valley Room, Delta Armories Hotel (325 Dundas St.)

Saturday (Day): 1:30p.m.: Tour of Medical School

Location: MSB Lobby (1151 Richmond St.)

Saturday (Evening): 5:00p.m.: Meds ’98 Private Reception followed by the Dean’s Gala

Location: London Convention Centre (300 York St.)


 Medicine Class of 2008

Contact: Drs. Teresa Chan and Harpaul Cheema
Date: September 28-30, 2018
 Friday night cocktail at Joe Kools, Saturday dinner at The Black Trumpet, Sunday brunch at the Idlewyld Inn & Spa






Interested in giving back? Take a look at our online Reunion Giving Guide.

 For information on class reunions, Homecoming Weekend or upcoming Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni programming please contact