Jack R. Bend

John Bend

Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Adjunct Professor

MSc  University of Manitoba
PhD  Sydney University, Australia

E-mail: jack.bend@schulich.uwo.ca

Research Activities

Keywords: mechanisms of toxicity of exogenous (methylmercury; pesticides; polycyclic hydrocarbons; persistent organic chemicals or POPs including PCBs, insecticides and dioxins) environmental contaminants; and attenuation of oxidative stress and adverse drug reactions by natural (constituents of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and semi-synthetic antioxidants.

Description of Research Activities: Research in this laboratory is currently restricted to field studies of environmental toxicology (One Health) in First Nations in Canada and farming communities in Africa (Ghana and Kenya), which are evaluating the potential for adverse health outcomes from current exposures to environmental contaminants; and collaborative research projects led by clinical pharmacologist, Michael Rieder, MD, PhD evaluating the use of compounds of herbal and semi-synthetic origin to attenuate the adverse oxidative and nitrosative drug effects caused by a commonly prescribed sulphonamide, sulphamethoxazole and its electrophilic metabolites.