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Personal Counselling

It can often be helpful to talk to others about issues you are facing.  If an impartial and supportive listener is what your need, the Learner Equity & Wellness Office can help.  If you would like to talk with one of our counselling staff and faculty, please contact our office to book a confidential appointment (LEW contact)

Should you wish an after-hours appointment or would like to speak with someone outside of the School, the LEW office would be pleased to assist you in making a referral.

The following information may be helpful to you in considering options:

All Learners:

  1. Community Therapists - please email us at the LEW office if you would like recommendations based on your unique goals for therapy.
  2. Student Development Centre - on campus counselling for Western learners, available free 519-661-3031, WSS Room 4100
  3. Student Health Services - on campus counselling for Western learners, free or paid for by OHIP 519-661-3030, UCC Room 11


Medical Residents:

  1. Homewood Human Solutions - LHSC's Employee Assistance Program provides referrals to in person on telephone counselling 1-800-265-8310
  2. PAIRO - 1-866-HELP-DOC
  3. OMA's Physician Health Program - provides assessment and referral to services locally through their network of care providers