Collaboration Awards LHRD

London Health Research Day (LHRD) wishes to encourage active participation in the poster session by announcing the LHRD Collaboration Awards.  These awards are designed to encourage and reward trainees who actively look to see where they can contribute to the research of others.  Trainees at any level (undergraduate, medical, or graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, or residents) can partner up during the LHRD to create novel research possibilities.  Preference will be given to a collaboration where the two trainees are in different programs.  The collaboration must be a novel one. 

The collaborative team (consisting of 2 individuals) with the most innovative and realistic potential collaboration, as reviewed by the LHRD review committee, will receive a $500 cash award/fellowship (payout will vary depending on type of trainee) for each individual and a potential budget of $1000 to complete the collaborative proposal. Max awarded is $2,000 total for the collaboration award.


  • Engage with other poster presenters and look for an opportunity to contribute to a new colleague’s research. 
  • Brainstorm with your collaborator and come up with a collaborative research project that takes advantage of your individual skill sets.
  • Complete Collaboration Award form after May 31st, 2022 (deadline to be determined)

Entries will be judged based on the innovation and feasibility of the research proposal and the strength of the collaboration idea. By entering the names of the collaborators, both are agreeing to work on the project, and have discussed this with their supervisors (if applicable).