2020 Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020 Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Internal Graduate Awards recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Internal Graduate Awards. Congratulations to all!

Collip Medal Award

Dr. Rachel L. Eddy

Department: Medical Biophysics
Dr. Grace Parraga
Title of Thesis: Structure and Function of Asthma Evaluated Using Pulmonary Imaging

Established in 1959, the award is presented annually to the most outstanding Ph.D. student graduating from one of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s programs. The award commemorates the contributions of Dr. J. B. Collip, one of the School’s former Deans. 


Cobban Student Award in Heart and Stroke Research

Julieta Lazarte, Biochemistry (Supervisor, Dr. R. Hegele)

Established by Audrey and Delmar Cobban and matched by Robarts Research Institute, this award recognizes doctoral research in the area of heart and stroke disease. Value: 1 @ $1500.00


Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Teaching and Research in Medical Sciences 

Matthew Demmings, Neuroscience (Supervisor, Dr. Sean Cregan)

This fellowship is available to full-time doctoral students, and it recognizes and rewards excellence in teaching and research. This fellowship was established by a bequest from Margaret Macklin Frewen. Value:1 @ $4250.00


Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Publication in Medical Sciences

Brendan Daisley, Microbiology & Immunology (Supervisor, Dr. Gregor Reid)

The fellowship is available to full-time doctoral students who have published their doctoral research as first author in a peer reviewed journal. This fellowship was established through a legacy donation from Margaret Macklin Frewen. Value: 1 @ $4500.00


Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Scholarship (4 Doctoral Awards)

  1. Faraj Haddad,Neuroscience (Supervisor, Dr. Susanne Schmid)
  2. Salonee Patel, Anatomy & Cell Biology (Supervisors, Drs. Brian Allman & Shawn Whitehead)
  3. Michael MacKinley, Neuroscience (Supervisor, Dr. Lena Palaniyappan)
  4. Braeden Terpou, Neuroscience (Supervisor, Dr. Ruth Lanius)


This scholarship is given to doctoral students who are specializing in the neuroscience of mental health disorders and is generously made available by Mr. Robert McKinnon. 4 @ $25,000


Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Travel Scholarship (Masters or Doctoral)

Rubina Malik Neuroscience (Supervisor, Dr. Elizabeth Finger)

This scholarship is given to a doctoral or masters student who is specializing in mental health research and is generously made available by Mr. Robert McKinnon and friends. Value: 1 @ $1400.00


Nellie Farthing Fellowship in Medical Sciences (3 Awards)

  1. Mariyan Jeyarajah,Anatomy & Cell Biology (Supervisor, Dr. Stephen Renaud)
  2. Ajay Rajaram,Medical Biophysics (Supervisors, Drs. Keith St. Lawrence & Mamadou Diop)
  3. Rachel Wilson,Physiology & Pharmacology (Supervisor, Dr. Nica Borradaile) 


Established in 1960 through a generous legacy donation from Nellie Farthing, the Fellowship recognizes excellence in research to a full-time doctoral student in Medical Sciences. Candidate’s record of research is of primary importance.  Value: 3 @ $3000.00


Norman E. Nixon Marie Rämö Nixon Award

TianDuo Wang, Medical Biophysics, (Supervisor, Dr. John Ronald)


Awarded to a full-time graduate student in a Masters or PhD program at Western who is working with a Robarts Research Institute Scientist. This award was established by a generous donation from Mrs. Marie Nixon. Value: 1 @ $2600.00


Dean's Research Scholarship (New 2020):

First Name

Last Name






(PhD, $14,000)

Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Jeremy Burton PhD & Dr. Jennifer Bjazevic MD




(PhD, $14,000)

Medical Biophysics

Dr. Jean Theberge PhD & Dr. Lena Palaniyappan. MD




(PhD, $14,000)


Gregory Gloor PhD & Dr. David Spence MD



(MSc, $10,000


Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Yun-Hee Choi PhD & Dr. Richard Kim MD

Fabio Rosario



(PhD, $14,000)

Medical Biophysics

Dr. Grace Parraga, PhD & Dr. Christopher W. McIntyre MD, PhD



(MSc, $10,000


Microbiology & Immunology

 Dr. Rod DeKoter & Dr. Alexandra Zorzi MD




(PhD, $14,000)

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Guangyong Zou PhD & Dr. Vipul Jairath MD




(PhD, $14,000)

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Mark Speechley PhD & Dr. Manuel Montero-Odasso MD



(MSc, $10,000



Dr. Ali Khan PhD & Dr. Maryam Nouri MD



(MSc, $10,000



Dr. Susanne Schmid PhD & Dr. Matthew Hebb MD

Morris Kroll Award

Not given out for the 2020 year.

The award was established by Mr. Franklin Shostack and Dr. Zane Cohen in memory of Morris Kroll.  The scholarship will be awarded to a student registered at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, who is working in the area of Cancer Research. Value: 1 @ $500.00 (every second year).

John P. Robarts Award for Innovative Medical Research

Deadline extended Fall 2020.

This award funding is provided by friends and colleagues of John P. Robarts.Candidates were selected based on research excellence (demonstrated and potential) and degree of innovation of their work. This included specific assessment of candidate’s research record, and the quality and potential impact of the research to be presented. Value: 1 @ $1500.00