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Five C's of Resilience

At Schulich Medicine we care about you, please take a minute to look after yourselves, remember the 5 C’s of Resilience:

  1. Control what you can, leave what you cannot;
  2. Commitment is not easy, focus on small tasks;
  3. Connections with your peers and family remain so important, can be virtual, encourage everyone to “Find a Buddy and send a message/text/FB” each day to say hi, “Are you ok?”;
  4. Calm, remaining calm is not easy but we can all be grateful we are alive living in Canada, speak to someone, listen to your favourite music, chat with a friend;
  5. Care for yourself, the weather is getting better, take a walk, do some gardening, try to sleep.

Dr. Andrea Lum
Vice Dean Faculty Affairs

Child care for health care and frontline staff

Accommodations for Faculty during COVID-19

Resources from Schulich Departments

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL)

CPD 'Physician Redeployment On-line Resource'

iCBT (internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for frontline health care workers

Learner, Equity & Wellness (LEW)

Other Resources


Psychology Works for COVID-19

Western University Resources