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Walking Routes

Image of walking feet.

Walking Routes on Main Campus

Where Is That? Challenges

Walk with a purpose --- can you find the location of these different images on campus? Good Luck!

Step It Up Routes

Improve your fitness level by increasing the time it takes you to complete a quick route around campus. You'll be surprised how easy it is!

Inner Circle - 1.5 km
MSB > TRAC > MSB - 1.5 km

Walking Routes at Victoria Hospital

Personal Challenges 

Personal mini challenges are an easy way to improve your fitness level:

  • MSB/DSB Hussle: Time yourself as you walk from one end of the Medical Sciences Building (near the Dental parking lot) to the far side of the Dental Sciences Building (near UH).  Work your way up to the second, third and fourth floors, walking back and forth. Monitor your times - you'll be amazed at how quickly your stamina improves! This is a great way to exercise inside when weather is a factor.
  • Park your car on the far side of the lot. It's just a short distance farther to walk in but every little bit helps!
  • Avoid the elevator - take the stairs!
  • Challenge yourself to get up from your desk and take a 5 minute walk every hour. Your mind and body deserve it!


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