Room Schedules

We are currently experiencing an issue with a time off set in the month view of these calenders. Please use the WEEK VIEW ONLY to obtain accurate information. We are working with the vendor to correct this issue. Thank you for your patience.

All the rooms listed below are booked through Schulich Facilities.

However, because there is extensive computer equipment in the the VERC rooms (M150, M150A, DSB4006, DBS4007 and DSB4008) which can be used for computer based instruction, you must complete the VERC Room Booking Request form which gathers additional event details.

Dental Sciences Building

(click on room number for schedule)
DSB1002 150
DSB2016 95
DSB3008 95

Health Sciences Addition

(click on room number for schedule)
HSA062 22
HSA064 22
HSA066 22
HSA068 22
HSA62 22
HSA64 22
HSA66 22
HSA68 22

Medical Sciences Building

(click on room number for schedule)
MSB016 10
MSB017 10
MSB018 10
MSB022 10
MSB023 10
MSB027 10
MSB028 10
MSB029 10
MSB146 150
MSB148 78
MSB150  78
MSB150A  24
MSB190 40
MSB193AB  32
MSB193CD  32
MSB282  105
MSB384  105