Wifi Access

  • Wifi access for your mobile devices is available throughout the VERC through Western’s Wireless network which is provided and managed by Western Technology Services (WTS) - details can be found on the Western Technology Services Wireless webpage.  Western wireless access will require users to authenticate using their Western Identity – ie. The same Userg ID and password used to log in to the VERC workstations.
  • In addition to wireless access, both M150 and M150A have ‘spheres’ that will support a wired data connection. Using a wired data connection simply offers users a more stable and faster connection than using wireless. Users are required to provide their own cable for wired connections.
  • NOTE: Users cannot access VERC resources using a Wireless connection; users who are connected through wireless will not have access to drives T or U and they will not be able to print to VERC printers.
  • Wifi problems? If you are experiencing issues connecting to or using the wireless network, 1st visit the Troubleshooting Tips web page.  If you still require assistance, please contact the Schulich Helpdesk (ext.81377, helpdesk@schulich.uwo.ca)