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Thank you to our Discovery Week faculty, partners and communities

Discovery Week at the Leamington Hospital
Photo credit: Leamington Hospital

To our Schulich Medicine Distributed Education faculty, partners and communities:

We would like to thank each faculty member, health team professional, patient and family, and your community who have shared their time, resources, hospitality and wisdom with our Meds 2019 students during Discovery Week.

This is a highly valued clinical learning experience for each student at the end of first-year studies. For many, it is a unique moment to learn about the power of teamwork and the great educational opportunities available in our regional sites. To some, it will change career paths. For others, it will shape their professional identity.

We value and are thankful for all you bring to support our school and Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program.

Our gratitude to each of you and your health care team partners.

Dr. Gary Tithecott
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. George Kim
Assistant Dean
Rural & Regional Community Engagement