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Campus collaboration supports learning on MAID legislation

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry came together with the Faculties of Law and Arts & Humanities this semester to provide a unique learning opportunity for students around the medical assistance in dying (MAID) legislation.

Hundreds of Schulich Medicine students from across all for class years participated.

The session, which took place on September 29 at Alumni Hall, was aimed at helping learners understand the new legislation and the implications for their chosen professions.

After introductory presentations overviewed the legal background, the session followed a case-based approach. Dr. Michael J. Strong, dean, served as moderator. Panellists responding to the sample cases included lawyers, medical ethicists, policy leaders and physicians. Schulich Medicine faculty members Drs. Glenn Bauman, George Kim, Wally Liang, Michael Sanatani, Valerie Schulz, Christen Shoesmith and Robert Sibbald were among the experts.

Case discussions covered a number of important issues to help learners better understand the complexities of the MAID legislation, including differences between palliative care and MAID, ethical duties, informed consent, practical application, legal responsibilities, training and potential barriers to care.

The event also provided a forum for students to express their thoughts and concerns from cultural and faith-based perspectives with peers and faculty.

Dr. Strong acknowledged the significance of the event for the medical students in attendance. “We, as health care providers, have the responsibility to have this conversation about medical assistance in dying,” he said.

View photos from the event. Can't see the slideshow below? Click here.