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Submit your artwork to White Coat, Warm Art

White Coat, Warm Art

Artwork submissions are being accepted for the White Coat, Warm Art Exhibit at the 2016 Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) in Montreal, QC.

Submissions from health care professional trainees and practitioners, including medical and other health sciences faculty, residents, students, physicians and other health professionals, are welcome.

The selection of artwork featured as part of the physical exhibit will be juried. Entries will be accepted in a wide variety of categories, including oils, watercolour, photographs, pastels, etchings, pen and ink, etc. Some limited space will also be available for the display of small sculptures.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, January 20, 2016


  1. Live Exhibit – Artists selected for the live exhibit must either plan to bring their art to the exhibit or arrange to have it brought by someone else. Any shipping arrangements (delivery and packing for return shipping) must be arranged entirely by the artist. Any shipping and insurance expenses are born by the artist.
  2. Digital Exhibit – If you don’t plan to attend the exhibit or are unable to have your art brought by a colleague, please submit to the “Digital Exhibit”.

*Please specify which category you are submitting to.

Artistic Selection: For the live exhibit, preference will be given to pieces of art that capture the human experience of practicing and/or learning medicine. However, art that is not related to that specific theme, is welcome. Selection for all pieces will be based on artistic merit, and demonstrated skill in effecting a particular artistic vision in the media chosen. Accompanying artist statements will also be read and considered during the selection process.
Submission Process: Judging will be carried out online. All entries in both categories must be submitted as digital images (96 DPI or a file size of >2MB).  For paintings and sculptures, please include a clear digital image of the artwork showing as much detail as possible.

Email submissions to

Please include:

Questions? Contact Dr. Courneya (UBC, Faculty of Medicine) at or Dr. Brett-MacLean (UAlberta, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry) at

Artwork credit: The Art of Medicine by Linda Chang Qu